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Thread: Pr***ere - on dragon cam ?

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    Pr***ere - on dragon cam ?

    Hi there, is it possible to get Pr***ere package on a dragon cam now? as not that long ago i was able to.

    My dragon cam is loaded with PreDator 3.69 Upd. 4 april 2009

    thanku for the info

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    Re: Pr***ere - on dragon cam ?


    I wanted this package too.

    Well it WAS possible to get pr3mi3re (even "the pay per view channels" all opened !), but now they changed their system, and I think that it is not cracked today.

    But we must ask a better specialist than me... I'm a simple user here...

    Well I "cross finger" to get again in a near future these channels

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    Re: Pr***ere - on dragon cam ?

    Premiere is out bound at the moment for any cam.
    The only way it is an official card and is very costly

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    Re: Pr***ere - on dragon cam ?

    prem channels are sorely missed. lets hope for a crack soon.

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