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Sailor Beware! (PG) 1956 An able seaman meets his prospective mother-in-law and finds her so formidable that he starts to wonder whether his fiancee is really worth the stress. Discovering the fierce matriarch has put down a deposit on a house so they can all live on the same street, he finally decides to jump ship. Comedy, starring Peggy Mount, Shirley Eaton, Ronald Lewis and Gordon Jackson (888)

The Mudlark (U) 1950 An orphan finds a picture of Queen Victoria, and becomes determined to meet her. But the grieving monarch has lived a life of seclusion since the death of her husband 13 years ago. The youngster breaks into Windsor castle, embarking on a series of adventures and helping Prime Minister Disraeli to persuade the Queen to return to public life. Drama, with Andrew Ray, Alec Guinness and Irene Dunne (888)

In Custody (15) 1993 A teacher is overjoyed to get an interview with a renowned Urdu poet he idolises. However, the encounter leaves him disappointed when he discovers his hero is a broken man, surrounded by sycophants who live off him and with three neglected wives one a calculating schemer, one a bitter old woman and the third a poet herself, whose talents have gone unnoticed. Drama, starring Om Puri and Shashi Kapoor

The Bad News Bears (PG) 1976 A former minor-league baseball coach agrees to help a team of youngsters find success. However, he's shocked by exactly how hopeless the would-be sports heroes actually are. Gritting his teeth, he vows to do his best, aided by an ex-girlfriend's talented daughter and a grim-faced biker. Comedy, starring Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal, Ben Piazza and Vic Morrow

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (12) 2006 Ordinary New Yorker Matt starts dating a woman he meets on the subway, unaware she is the superhero G-Girl. But when he breaks up with the insecure crime fighter, she is outraged and uses her superpowers to make his life a misery. Meanwhile, her arch enemy sees Matt as a potential ally in defeating G-Girl once and for all. Fantasy comedy, starring Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson and Eddie Izzard (888)

Asylum (15) 2005 An ambitious psychiatrist starts work at a mental institution, where his bored wife befriends a patient. However, when the disturbed man who murdered his former partner is given chores close to the family's home, their relationship becomes more intense. Drama set in the 1950s, starring the late Natasha Richardson, alongside Hugh Bonneville, Ian McKellen and Marton Csokas

A Lesson in Love (PG) 1954 A gynaecologist grows weary of married life and has an affair with a patient. Outraged, his wife resolves to start anew with her former lover. As the unfaithful doctor spends an afternoon with his daughter, he suddenly becomes aware of what he stands to lose and races off to find his wife and persuade her to give their marriage another chance. Ingmar Bergman's comedy drama, starring Gunnar Bjornstrand and Eva Dahlbeck

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