I had a Coco MCR card , it's the same as Gamma with exact same ATR
and it's Ird*to2 ACS 4.1
I use it with Dreambox and external card reader(phoenix) , and gbox.

After some days, the card refuse working after a while, hours or minutes.
( I read in the other forums, that some pplz experienced same problem with Gamma in Humax and Strong receivers. and the solution they found was to mod the internal card reader of receiver to drive 3 volt to th ecard , not 5 volt)

Then 1day the card totally died :( , maybe cause of overheating or so much Ecm was sending 24/7 to the card. (but gbox caches ecm requests just like NewCS )

Now i bought a new Coco MCR card, but afraid to kill this too.
So now i guess , i need a card reader that drive 3 to 4 volts to the card.
Any help appreciated.