Portuguese DTT coverage to start at 20%

Iñaki Ferreras

Portugal's DTT signals will cover nearly 20% of the country's population when it is officially launched on April 29, according to Gil Moreira, coordinator of the TDT project within the country's main telco Portugal Telecom (PT).

The goal of the telco is to reach 80% of the population by the end of this year.

Portuguese people will have access to two types of set-top boxes initially. Simple “zapper” boxes at a low cost will give access to teletext, the EPG and Now/Next services (information on the current program and the next one). A more advanced digital video recorder (DVR) set-top will also be available. Features include an EPG offering more information such as the synopsis of the current program; and recording and pause TV functions.

As for the prices of the set-top-boxes the simple models will cost around €50 in the launch phase.