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Thread: Paraxeno atr

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    Very strange atr problem or not?

    hi to everybody to this forum

    I have try today to programm a new gamma card with cas interface 3!

    When i enter the card to the slot i get this strange atr

    37 0D 20 D5 34 0D

    The funny thing is when i use the clean card button i get after 10 secs the same ATR
    but in the next step when i try to programm the card nothing happends
    It keeps saying that the card is cleaning and never continue to programm it!!

    After i did everything i have tried the card to my receiver and compare to the other gamma cards i have
    from this one i get the message from my receiver that there is a problem with your card!

    I am sure that they are is a problem with ATR but i dont know what i can do so i can fix it!!

    Do u have any ideas about it?As i have allready use 1.0,1.1,2.5 loader and nothing happend also!!

    Thanx in advanced

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    try idprog and say ATR YOU SEE

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    Re: Paraxeno atr

    Where can i find this programm?thanx

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    Re: Paraxeno atr

    the result of the atr from the anaconda reader is this

    does anyone has any idea what is this and if i can fix it?

    ATR: 3B 64 00 00 48 53 31 34 00

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