Police raids RTL2 offices

By Robert Briel | April 14, 2009

Last week German police raided the RTL2 offices in Munich, because the broadcaster is suspected of promoting and airing “fraudulent flirt text messages.”

The Munich prosecutor’s office confirmed the search of the RTL2 premises. The action was part of an investigation into irregularities in the period from 2004 until October 2006. Viewers are supposed to have been lured into using erotic text message services tot he tune of one million euros during that peroid.

RTL2 has a different ownership structure than the other Geman RTL channels; the RTL Group holds a minority interest with the Tele München Group (TMG), Heinrich Bauer Verlag and Burda publishers being other shareholders.

The German authorities are also investigating the broadcaster for supposedly kick-back payments to advertising agencies., which under German law is illegal.