US online video reaches 9.7 billion streams

By Robert Briel | April 15, 2009

Online video viewing is growing rapidly in the US, with almost 9.7 billion videos watched by 130 million unique viewers during March 2009, according to research by Nielsen Online.

The average number of videos watched online each month is now 74.4, with over 190 minutes spent in front of the PC watching television.

Accounting for more than half all video streams, with 5,479,609,000 requested streams and 89,407,000 unique viewers, YouTube is by far the most popular video destination site.

Hulu is a distant runner-up with 348,520,000 streams and 8,865,000 viewers; Yahoo comes third with 231,795,000 and 24,761,000 viewers.

Broadcasters sites rank as follows:

Fox Interactive Media is number 4 with 207,528,000 streams and 14,719,000 viewers.

Nickelodeon Kids and Family Network is at 5 with 196,160,000 streams and 6,391,000 viewers, followed at 6 by with 176,931,000 streams and 6,881,000 viewers

MSN/Windows Live stands at number 7 with 168,907,000 streams and 12,076,000 viewers. Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network counted 137,621,000 streams with 5,822,000 viewers; MTV Networks Music had 123,888,000 requests and 6,337,000 viewers; CNN Digital Network closes the ranks at number 10 with 103,453,000 streams and 9,021,000 unique viewers.