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    startrack 15x super
    without abracadabra jsc +1+2+3+4 ok

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    Hello to all... I have a Startack SR 55X - for about 1 mouth. For new firmware i use Truman 190mx firmware from (ALI3329C) vers 1.2.66. Is stable and works just fine. And for keys support I use YuMaTu MX keys ( tks to Hi-Man ). For a little help i give u the files i use and the programs to send them from computer to receiver. I hope this will help! PS: I need to understand how to edit keys from my computer (ex. .bin files). Maybe someone knows one program to do this.. Have a nice day to all! (

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    Hello to all! I have startrack HD 2000 and i dont now what kind of firmeware to use for it; i need help. Thanks to all.

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