3D channel promised for US

Chris Forrester

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK is already beaming two hours of 3D programming every evening on one of its BS satellite channels. Now an American broadcaster is planning a near-nationwide 3D channel.

Signet International owns Signet Entertainment, which has just acquired Access Media Group (AMG) TV, a fast-growing US network of some 200 terrestrial affiliates dedicated to showing family entertainment – and with plans for 3D. Signet has linked with Kerner Broadcast (itself a spin-off from LucasFilm’s Industrial Light & Magic) to exclusively adopt Kerner’s 3D technology. At the same time Kerner will invest in Signet.

Kerner plans to introduce two 3D solutions: an add-on box for satellite and cable viewers; and what they describe as an “enhancement” that will turn any HD television into a 3D TV for about $50, including the cost of glasses.

The clue to what might end up on air is the involvement of Palm Beach-based Ernie Letiziano, who promotes boxing as well as other entertainment activities, along with former NBC boss Tom Donaldson. "We fully plan to have, as soon as we can acquire the library, the first full-time 3D network in the country," Donaldson told trade mag Daily Variety.

Terry Elaqua, president of AMG TV, added: "I think in the baby stages of this you'll see a series of specials" that would be released on the network and made available elsewhere.