Sky Italia badly upsets Berlusconi

Chris Forrester

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is said to be growing increasingly furious over Sky Italia, the News Corp-owned Italian DTH broadcaster. On the one hand Sky Italia’s subscription-based business is on a roll, while Berlusconi’s Mediaset is suffering badly from the advertising downturn. Not helping is Sky Italia broadcasting a movie last Monday that’s highly critical of Mr Berlusconi.

The movie in question, ‘Shooting Silvio’, a controversial low-budget film first screened in 2007, portrays a disaffected – but rich - youth who imagines himself kidnapping and killing Berlusconi. ‘Shooting Silvio’ was written and directed by Bernardo Carboni.

Some of Berlusconi’s supporters argue that the film is in poor taste and “profoundly” disrespectful, with several national newspapers getting in on the op-ed act.