UPC to roll out digital in blank spots

UPC Nederland is rolling out digital television in a few parts of its networks that so far have had only access to analogue television.

The areas concerned are the Achterhoek and the Betuwe. The introduction will be in the phases, the first towns to be connected being Brummen, Lochem and Berkelland.

Because these networks are not yet 2-way capable, UPC will offer a special package for these regions called UPC Digitale TV Riant. It offers 80 channels instead of the regular 50 in the UPC Digital TV Starter package available elsewhere.

Because of the network constraints, there we be no VOD services. However, consumers will be able to buy premium channels including Film1 and Sport, as well as HD channels.

UPC Nederland currently has 648,000 digital subscribers out of a total of 2.1 million connected homes.