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Film Four

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Project X (PG) 1987 An airman is assigned to work at a secret establishment where chimpanzees are supposedly being trained to operate flight test simulators. But when he learns the innocent primates are being subjected to dangerous levels of radiation to test human endurance, he resolves to set them free. Comedy drama, starring Matthew Broderick, Helen Hunt, Bill Sadler and Jonathan Stark (888)

Shockproof (PG) 1949 A probation officer falls in love with a convicted murderess on parole, and the pair begin a relationship. However, the appearance of the gambler responsible for landing the young woman in prison throws a spanner in the works. Crime thriller, starring Cornel Wilde, Patricia Knight and John Baragrey

Lassie (U) 2005 Members of the bankrupt Carraclough family are forced to sell their devoted pet to a mean-spirited Duke and his well-meaning wife, but, when the well-to-do couple move away, Lassie decides to track down her former owners. Family adventure, starring Peter O'Toole, Samantha Morton, John Lynch, Peter Dinklage, Steve Pemberton and Nicholas Lyndhurst (888)

Flight of the Phoenix (12) 2004 The crew and passengers of a cargo plane are left stranded in the Gobi desert after a crash, leaving the survivors to embark on a desperate plan to return to civilisation they will build a new plane out of the wreckage of the old one. Action adventure remake, starring Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Giovanni Ribisi and Miranda Otto

The Notebook (12) 2004 An elderly man reads a love story to a woman in a nursing home, from an old and faded notebook bulging with romantic scribblings about a passionate young couple whose fledgling affair is ripped asunder almost before it is begun. Drama, starring Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Gena Rowlands and James Garner (888)

The Host (15) 2006 A mysterious monster emerges from Seoul's Han River, and carries off a young girl. However, the creature has reckoned without his victim's family hard-working grandfather Hie-Bong, dim-witted dad Gang-du, archery champion sister Nam-joo and layabout uncle Nam-il who band together to rescue her from the beast's clutches. Korean horror, starring Kang-ho Song, Hie-bong Byeon and Hae-il Park

Funny Ha Ha (15) 2002 A recent university graduate tries to work out what she wants to do with her life as she searches for a temporary job and a more permanent boyfriend. Her preferred choice is a friend she's long been secretly carrying a torch for, but a nervous colleague at her new office job is determined to prove he's the man for her. Comedy drama, starring Kate Dollenmayer, Christian Rudder and Andrew Bujalski, who also directed

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