hi there I bought a dreambox 600 pvr on tuesday and basically i have tried latest gemini image for it then turned to jade green latest.What happening is doing my nut in when i try to scan for transponders the rotor wont move to satellite(wont move east or west/wont edge forward ect) I have the typical disc set up to many satelittes dont use goto function ( tried using it to ) Renewed lnb and cabling.Next point I used my technomate box from down stairs and the satellites are picked up no problem first time. Last point which is really strange I use the technomate and set it to say hotbird then i pull the plug on it and then connect the dreambox and do a blind scan and i have the stations stored on dreambox.This proceedure is done to get astra ect but now that these stations are stored on the dreambox the satellite moves no problem to these settings but if i want to find another using the dreambox the motor wont move.Any help would be much appreciated or is the box needing returned