Philips pulls out of 3D research

By Robert Briel | April 20, 2009

Dutch Consumer Electronics manufacturer Philips said it is withdrawing from 3D imaging production and research. The company is closing its 3D Solutions division and putting an end to the production of displays using its WOWvx technology.

The technology developed by Philips is unique in the industry for simulating 3D on an LCD TV, without requiring viewers to wear special glasses. The cost and/or inconvenience of such glasses has traditionally been a major obstacle to the adoption of 3D displays.

Just recently, Philips was showing its 3D solutions during trade faurs around the world including lat year’s IBC in Amsterdam. There are also 3D sets on public display in branches of Holland Casino.

The end of Philips’ 3D efforts is being attributed not only to a global recession, but a slower adoption of the technology than previously hoped for. In recent years, Philips has put millions of euros in the new technology.
Philips expects that it will take many years before 3D LCD televisions will become available at a price that will be attractive to consumers. Many 3D projects in the business market, which the company targeted until now, wre put on hold.