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Thread: Newbie : what can i put on my fun card

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    Newbie : what can i put on my fun card

    Hi all,

    I'm just discovering this new world. I have a neotion 3000 and currently using my funcard for TPS access (prussian galaxy 4).

    What else can i put on my fun card ? can I use the files 6x1 ?
    Can I decrypt anything else than TPS with a fun card ? with which hex ?

    Thanks very much for an answer

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    Re: Newbie : what can i put on my fun card

    until some days ago you could open a lot of channels. now we lost multivision. to use it you have to find the newkeys everyday and reprogram your card. but there are many other channels you can watch such as spice platinum. try to find a all at one funcard and you will have one of the best. i believe is the easiest to use.

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    I have neotion 3000 too myself, what is funcards and how can i get them?
    thankssssss in advance

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