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Film Four

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The Siege at Red River (PG) 1954 A Confederate secret agent lays his hands on a shipment of guns, but before he can do anything with the cache a former comrade betrays him and leaves him fighting for his life behind enemy lines. Western set during the American Civil War, starring Van Johnson, Joanne Dru and Richard Boone (888)

Sailor of the King (U) 1953 A dedicated Navy officer risks life and limb in a single-handed attack on a well-armed German cruiser. World War Two adventure based on a novel by CS Forester, starring Jeffrey Hunter, Michael Rennie, Bernard Lee and Wendy Hiller (888)

The Undefeated (PG) 1969 Two veteran officers of the Civil War who fought on opposing sides are reunited, and soon come into conflict once again. However, when a Mexican general launches an attack, the old enemies put their differences aside and fight side by side. Western, starring John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Lee Meriwether, Marian McCargo, Tony Aguilar and Roman Gabriel (888)

Flight of the Phoenix (12) 2004 The crew and passengers of a cargo plane are left stranded in the Gobi desert after a crash, leaving the survivors to embark on a desperate plan to return to civilisation they will build a new plane out of the wreckage of the old one. Action adventure remake, starring Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Giovanni Ribisi and Miranda Otto

The Talented Mr Ripley (15) 1999 A man with a talent for deception agrees to travel to Italy and persuade a businessman's son to return home. Before long he develops a taste for the high life, and decides to get in on the action first by befriending the rich and beautiful people, and then by the drastic measure of assuming his newfound friend's identity. Anthony Minghella's thriller, starring Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett (888)

Shopgirl (15) 2005 A budding artist moves to Los Angeles and begins work at a department store in a bid to pay off her escalating debts. When she meets an aspiring musician who has similar financial woes she wonders if he is her Mr Right, but she soon forgets the young man when an older, more sophisticated gentleman whisks her off her feet. Romantic comedy, starring Claire Danes alongside Jason Schwartzman and Steve Martin, who also wrote the screenplay based on his own short story

Daratt (PG) 2006 Premiere. When the Civil War in Chad comes to an end, the government offers an amnesty to all war criminals. An old man whose son was killed is outraged and demands his 16-year-old grandson find the man responsible and get revenge. The teenager finds the man in question running a bakery and offers his services as an apprentice, thinking this will give him the perfect opportunity. But his mission proves more complicated than expected. Drama, starring Ali Barkai and Youssouf Djaoro

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