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Thread: Need help with wifi!

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    Need help with wifi!

    I have the last Diablo with 2 smart card reader. I back up it from passete backup for wifi. I reconfigured my wifi settings.
    The problem is I can see images for 15-25 seconds then....nothing. I test delay from 0 to 26. Same thing. After restart of the stb or cam .....same story. My stb is an Opticum 7700 hd cicx. My router is a TrendNet TEW 432 brp.
    Any ideea? Thanks and please excuse my english.

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    Re: Need help with wifi!

    are you using Gbox or ccam ?
    Is your connection working fine ? Try to put in wep(64bits).
    Diablo doesn't "Like" all receivers, maybe you should ask, if someone is using the same receiver and Diablo Wifi.


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    Re: Need help with wifi!

    I'm using cccam and,yes,i'm using wep 64. I tested it without encryption. It's no diference. I can try with emu firmware on stb. Now is without.

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