Winclip 3.0.0

In all mails received since 2 years now, the PiP windows request come back all the time. So...

- PiP(s) version
- function filter on channel list
- possibility to select the port number for streaming (in case of winclip server)

- fix little display bug with status bar
- fix video resize when hide player with skin "media"
- fix analyse pid 18 (epg) on astra
- fix crash in a special case when ask EPG pannel.

How it works :

first of all, before play with it, go to the setting menu->audio/video->PiP direct show page and select codec and VMR.
And - off course - only channels on a same transponder can be "piped".

You can add a PiP by
- Click on the PiP button. In this case a PiP will be created and the channel will be the first channel found on the transpondeur
- Click under the PiP button for get the popup menu and select your channel
- Click right on the channel list on a channel from the same transponder and you will find a "Add to new PiP"

If you click Right on the PiP windows, you will get this popup menu for change the channel, start record,...:

i you diseable the "attached to the video Wnd" option, you can place the wnd where you want

If you want to add some pluggins to the PiP process, same punition like other dvb application, copy plugins in each directory :
[plugins directory]\Pips\Pi1\...Pip2\.. 5 pips directories are created with the installation, but you can add more, there is no limitation (except your CPU)

- For increase, decrease the windows size , click right mouse + wheel
- Double click on a PiP wnd, will put it in the main video windows.

And don't forget that all this work under directShow, so easy to crash, deadlock.... 4 beta-tester test this 3.0.0. 3 have no problem, and 1 get the application frozen sometime when he double click on a PiP Wnd for put in the main screen i'm still looking why.
You can PiP too some H.264 channel, but try only this if you have a nice CPU and a good video card...
You can PiP too several time the same channel. Totaly useless, except that before created a new PiP, you can change the Video codec and VMR (in menu setting), and make some comparison like this.