UPC commits to Poland

Liberty Global has strenuously denied that it has any plans to sell its operation in Poland.

Quoted in Parkiet, UPC Polskaís communications director Patrycja Golos said that the operation is one of Liberty Globalís most dynamic and rapidly expanding in Europe.

Its internet subscriber total, grew by 30% last year, while those for its digital TV and telephony services are also rising rapidly.

Golos was keen to emphasise that developments in Slovenia, where Liberty Global is in the process of selling UPC Telemach, have nothing to do with those in Poland.

Mid Europa Partners, which has emerged as a possible buyer of UPC Telemach, already has a presence in Poland through its stake in Aster, the countryís fourth largest cable operator.

UPC Polska is the largest cable operator in Poland, ahead of Vectra and Multimedia Polska in second and third places respectively.