JML unlocks TV Key technology

Julian Clover | April 24, 2009 | 10:09 UK

Shopping channel JML has added an interactive element through Miniweb’s Key & See technology, the first broadcaster to do so.

The TV Key serves as a call to action to direct customers to JML’s new interactive service, allowing the purchase of products directly through the TV, using their remote control. The JML website has been repurposed for the TV.

“We’ve always championed innovation – through our products and the way we interact with our audience,” said Ken Daly, Managing Director of JML. “We’re impressed with how affordable Miniweb’s Key & See interactive service is and the potential for additional revenues it provides.”

Rather than using the Red Button, as customers might on rival QVC, JML will prompt viewers to press the Interactive button followed by a numbered sequence that takes them to the JML area of the TV Keys service.
JML will display a ‘JML’ TV Key icon and run regular promotions advertising the service