Kabel BW grows customers numbers

Robert Briel | April 24, 2009 | 08:59 UK

Germany’s Kabel BW said it now has 415,00 telephony and broadband customers, up from 270,000 a year ago, representing 18% of all its 2.3 million connected homes.

Kabel BW also said it now has 191,000 pay TV customers (compared with 165,000 a year ago). Turnover during the first quarter of the year rose to €116,8 million (Q1 2008: €99,8 million) zu.

BITDA reached €55,4 million, which is a 43% increase as compared to the first quarter of 2008 (€38,7 million). The number of full-time employess rose 6% to 735.

Harald Rösch, CEO of Kabel BW said in statement: “We have far from exhausted our growth potential. We expect continued strong momentum from our superior broadband and an attractive TV offering. We will provide thius year interactive services, such as timeshifting TV and movies on demand.”

Kabel BW also said the financial and economic crisis has not affected its employees and the company offers job security. “In an environment where customers are much more sensitive to each euro they spent, a company with an excellent price-performance ratio will benefit,” said Rösch.