Telefónica to offer triple play in Argentina

ñaki Ferreras

Spain's main telco Telefónica is continuing its development in Latin America in spite of the economic and financial crisis. One of its main core countries is Argentina where the company will launch a triple play service through satellite pay TV operator DirecTV Argentina.

The offering will be similar to that offered by Mexico’s Telmex with Dish Mexico and EchoStar of the US.

The agreement of Telefónica won't break the rules governing the country's telcos regarding pay-TV services as the triple play will be offered by two different operations.

Argentina’s government announced recently it will "consider" the matter of triple play services in its forthcoming Broadcasting Law. Initially the bill didn't allow the distribution of TV services by telephony companies but that could change.

DirecTV has become the second Argentine pay TV operator with more than 920,000 subscribers. Cablevisión, which after its merger with Multicanal has 3.3 million clients, does not yet offer triple play.

Other companies offering triple play services in the country are Telecentro and Supercanal.