Croatia's T-HT to connect 50,000 customers with FTTH or FTTB by year-end

Croatian telco T-Hrvatski Telekom has commenced a programme of accelerated expansion of broadband Internet access across the country, investing in the further development of its optical infrastructure in order to deliver higher speeds, higher capacity and better service stability.

Under the programme, the company plans to implement a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH)/fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) infrastructure in order to deliver higher-quality existing services and "open possibilities for development of new, even more sophisticated and technically demanding services", naming IPTV and high-definition content as being amongst these. The company is currently trialling optical network-based services to around 200 customers in four major Croatian cities, and plans to connect approximately 50,000 customers to the new optical network by the end of this year.

The telco revealed that it will be investing over HRK 1bn (US$ 179mn) in the development of its fixed infrastructure this year, primarily in expansion of its optical network, with the eventual aim of migrating to an IP-based platform for all services.

T-Hrvatski Telekom, owned by Deutsche Telekom, passed 150,000 subscribers for its IPTV service 'MAXtv' earlier this month, as well as commercially launching high-definition services on the platform. MAXtv was launched in September 2006 and currently offers more than 100 Croatian and international channels, as well as a video-on-demand library, high-definition content, and a PVR system that can be managed remotely via the Internet or SMS.