SES ASTRA signs distribution agreement with Net2

SES ASTRA is further expanding the distribution network for its interactive satellite broadband service ASTRA2Connect in Europe. The company has signed a second distribution agreement for the Spanish market with the internet service provider Net2.

Net2 will market ASTRA2Connect all over the Iberian Peninsula, including the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza and will offer four different speed packages with download rates of up to 2,048 kbit/s.
ASTRA2Connect is an ideal broadband solution for households in regions with limited or no terrestrial broadband infrastructure. The technology offers a highly reliable, always-on, interactive broadband internet access, including internet telephony, for flat service fees. The customer premises equipment – a modem and a satellite dish – is low cost and delivered with a tool for easy self-installation. ASTRA2Connect was launched in early 2007 and is now available in fourteen countries throughout Europe. ASTRA2Connect is marketed via wholesalers and internet service providers to the residential market.

“Our distribution agreement with Net2 shows again that ASTRA2Connect is ideally suited to bridge the digital divide in Europe,” said Norbert Willems, Managing Director of ASTRA Broadband Services. “In Spain, there are still many rural areas in which households have limited or no access to broadband internet and will most likely remain un-served in the future. Access to broadband, on the other hand, is a driver for economic growth and regional wealth. With ASTRA2Connect, households in these areas are able to receive a fast and cost-efficient solution to access broadband internet.”

“Net2 is committed to provide cost-effective internet access to those regions in Spain that so far have been excluded from access to high-speed internet,” said Juan Mañosa, Marketing Director of Net2. “Broadband is a necessary element for the economic prosperity of these areas and we are proud to be part of the European initiative that brings internet access to those areas.”