hello all

new Backup_Gemini_4.60_Non_Bomb_SuperII_Mod_Borsalino 27.04.09

whate new

-this image non time bomb (tested 100/100 in my clone)
-add skins rihanna speciale in image delet old skins
-Translation auto withe chanelle showtime and tvmax
-changed presntation canale witeh botton help ok
-add ngarb plugine for Registration
-optione DVR ok withe botton help
-add grab ok screenshot fixed
-font size add
-add new server in addons(borsalino_server)
-add Cccam2.0.11 ok
-change logo of demarage on
-add new liste channelle (update)
-add Cccam speed
-add game solitaire in booton games
-new plugins add About twenty (20 plugins new)
*dreamnetcaste of radio net
*easy logo v 1.2 for change logo
*new gfs flexy ok
*hacksat v9a for update ****
*tuxbox commander
*youtubeplayer finale ok
*VLC fronted for play dvd and dvx please fixd your ip
*time dat
And more plugines

Here are some pictures to clarify
liste of channelle

new prentation liste bouquie

new addons

skins rihanna speciale menu

skins rihanna speciale

liste of plugins

new plugins gfs fluxy v1.05

plugins youtubeplayer dream finale


download_Backup_Gemini_4.60_Non_Bomb_SuperII_Mod_B orsalino

Please stop publication on the attached files of image backup and softcam backup dubious ! that do not work, members have their blocked Dreambox