Freeview Aus: 'More for Free'

Phase two of Australia’s Freeview project launched on Sunday, April 26, with a new ad campaign, point-of-sale information, stickers on equipment, and a remit to sign up another 20% of Australian homes to digital TV by the end of 2009.

Australians love a bargain, and with a tagline of “More for Free”, the campaign may be hitting a better note than the last, much-criticised teaser campaign. That promised viewers 15 channels but was vague about what the channels were, what Freeview itself actually would be, and how to access the platform.

Digital-terrestrial uptake is thought to be around 30% of Australian homes, with 30% also currently subscribing to pay-TV services. Cross over between these two groups is unclear, and more exact figures will not be available until the results of the first “digital tracker” survey are released later in the year. But Freeview is aiming to sign up another 20% of Australian homes by the end of December.

In-store, manufacturers including Panasonic, Sony, LG, TiVo and 8 others have Freeview stickers on their DTT receivers and integrated digital TVs.