Update 27.04.09

Store TransEdit.exe in the DVBViewer
or DVBViewer/Transponders folder.
TransEdit requires DVBViewer Pro 3.5
or later, or DVBViewer GE 2.0 or later.
Without a DVBViewer installation some
functions are not available.
Create a shortcut on your desktop
or in the startmenu, if you like,
by dragging the file with the right
mouse button to the desired location.

The included files in the Transponders
folder are up-to-date transponder lists
for Astra 19/23/28 East and Hotbird 13 East.
If you want to use them for scanning,
select Info -> Configuration Folder in TransEdit.
This command opens an Explorer window.
Store the INI files in the Transponders
subdirectory and re-launch TransEdit.