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The Loves of Carmen (PG) 1948 A gypsy temptress bewitches a soldier who tries to arrest her during a street brawl. Completely infatuated with her, the young man loses his position in the army and is drawn into her world of bandits and smugglers, not realising she is leading him into self-destruction. Romantic drama, based on Bizet's opera and starring Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford and Ron Randell

Gunfighters (PG) 1947 A gunslinger renounces his violent ways and vows never to kill again. Taking a job working for a wealthy land owner, he finds himself drawn into a plot to drive ranchers off their land, which leads him to question his pacifism. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Barbara Britton and Bruce Cabot

Three Coins in the Fountain (U) 1954 Three American women embark on a romantic adventure in Rome and throw coins into the city's Trevi Fountain in the hope of meeting the men of their dreams. Drama, starring Dorothy McGuire, Maggie McNamara, Jean Peters, Clifton Webb, Louis Jourdan, Rossano Brazzi and Cathleen Nesbitt (888)

Elizabethtown (12) 2005 A shoe designer is driven to despair when his career goes up in smoke. But when he learns his father has died, he abandons thoughts of suicide to return to his home town in Kentucky where an encounter with a free-spirited air hostess inspires him to get his life back on track. Cameron Crowe's romantic comedy drama, starring Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst and Susan Sarandon

Mean Girls (12) 2004 A girl starts at a new school and is surprised when she is befriended by the girls in the most popular clique. However, a dating mishap leads to trouble and it is not long before her new friends turn on her. Urged on by her outsider pals, the newcomer resolves to bring down the self-appointed queen of campus only to end up adopting some of her rival's crueller characteristics. Comedy, starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey and Lacey Chabert (888)

And When Did You Last See Your Father? (12) 2007 A successful writer learns that his father is dying of cancer, and returns to his family home. As time passes, he looks back over his complex, confrontational relationship with his father over the years and tries to come to terms with the conflicts between them. Drama, based on Blake Morrison's autobiographical book, starring Jim Broadbent and Colin Firth (888)

Ask the Dust (15) 2006 A Mexican immigrant in Thirties Los Angeles hopes to improve her lot in life by finding a wealthy American husband. Instead she strikes up an unlikely romance with a naive repressed man who dreams of literary success. Romantic drama, starring Salma Hayek, Colin Farrell and Donald Sutherland (888)

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