Hey everyone,
Just recently self installed a diseqc motorised system based around a 90cm dish attached to a Technomate 5400 Super. I have it quad lnb'd with the 5400 driving the diseqc motor and have a couple of pc sat cards also attached (capable of HD for BBC/ITV).

This is the first Satellite I have used for a decade - used to have Sky analogue back then before cancelling, so a little bit of a learning curve jumping straight in to a motor :).

So my reasons for building a sat system was really to provide some Freesat upstairs for my Brother as this is the main thing wanted (I have cable downstairs) but decided I would go a bit further and add a motor as well rather than just do the fixed dish and possible multi-lnb thing. After a bit of fiddling was pleased I managed to get it all working.

I can receive around 2 dozen sats with varying degrees of signal quality, with only the odd few channels on some. There's a fair few I get good signal strength on but no audio/video (black screen) even though supposedly FTA. I assume these are those using different transmissions like DVB-S2 ,HD, etc?

There's a lot of low strength ones (47% -ish) about as well with a lot of picture break up. I'm wondering that for these that are on the limit of my reception, will moving the dish angle slightly up more help significantly?

Far too many shopping channels and sad phone channels though FTA.

It has since come to my attention that I could get a bit more than just FTA (but with FTA costs) and came across this forum during my reading up/googling. It looked like my firmware was about up to date but to test I backed up my channels to usb, downloaded the latest official firmware and put that in my box only to see the version stay the same, realising my suspicion that it was indeed current.

A question about backing up channels - I assume this also saves all the Sat motor positions as well so I don't need to go through that hassle of trying to find them again?

Rather a long first post I know, but there is a sticky with unofficial updates in and when I try to access this my logged in status at the top of the page disappears and I cannot download any of the patches. I'm using the latest Opera so don't know if I'm refused permission because of some thing with Opera logging me out at that point or some other reason re. access?