Spain: Nagravision signs up for pay-DTT
Iñaki Ferreras

Conditional Access provider Nagravision has reached an agreement with TV set and digital set-top manufacturers to start having pay-DTT boxes in the Spanish market as soon as possible. Nagravision Ibérica's Ignacio Sanchis said that only a small alteration to existing boxes sold would be required.

After months of conversations with the manufacturing industry, Nagravision has signed deals with Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Oki for their TV sets to incorporate its conditional access for pay-DTT content. Also the company has included in these agreements the subsidiaries for the development of digital decoders of Philips, Sagem, ADB and Spanish manufacturer Ikusi, European leader of electronic panels for airports and train stations and also Spanish leader of High Frequency equipment.

According to market sources Nagravision is also negotiating the inclusion of Siemens in the agreement.

Spain's audiovisual industry is not willing to wait until the government gives legal green light to payment on DTT before signing deals. Pressure from some broadcasters, in particular Mediapro's laSexta, to legalise pay-DTT, has led to the Nagravision agreement.

According to Ignacio Sanchis, Nagravision Ibérica's general manager: "The manufacturers we are signing this kind of contract with will soon be able to sell in Spain DTT boxes compatible with our CA system because only a small adaptation is required."

Nagravision's advantage also comes from its experience in other pay-DTT markets such as Italy.