MGM goes HD for Brazil

Chris Forrester

MGM is to launch an HDTV version of its movie channel for Brazil. MGM is tapping into considerable local enthusiasm for HD-Ready flat panel sets in Brazil, where sales grew 142% in February (compared with Feb 2008, see separate story).

MGM HD (in 1080i) will launch on Sky Brazil in Portuguese, based on the studio's 4100 feature films.

MGM Networks Latin America now operates six channels: standard definition networks MGM Portugal, MGM Brazil, MGM Spanish Latin America, Casa Club TV Latin America, Casa Club TV USA Hispanic, and now the most recent launch, MGM HD in Brazil. Combined, these channels reach over 27 million households across 22 countries. MGM Networks Latin America, LLC is a joint venture between MGM Networks, a division of Metro Goldwyn-Mayer, and Liberty Global.

“MGM is committed to bringing the compelling HD viewing experience to movie lovers the world over as we continue to aggressively expand our HD presence internationally,” said Bruce Tuchman, president of MGM Networks. “Sky viewers in Brazil will enjoy the incomparable experience of viewing choice selections from the MGM library, the world's largest modern film catalog, broadcast in the clarity of this amazing broadcast medium. We are also pleased to expand our relationship with SKY in Brazil, and thank them for their support and passion about this project, along with their many years of commitment to the MGM standard definition business. We are also looking forward to further expansion opportunities for our HD channels not just across Latin America, but throughout the global marketplace.”