Spanish gov't wants one pay-DTT box

Iñaki Ferreras

Spain’s government has asked the broadcasters and telecommunications manufacturers to reach an agreement to commercialize just one type of pay-DTT box so the viewers don't have to buy several brands.

Andrés Armas, general director of Impulsa TDT, the association for the promotion and implementation of DTT, said there is a working group set up by the Ministry of Industry and involving broadcasters and manufacturers searching for the right formula in order to find "with a big urgency", a consensus over this point.

This news comes some days after the Association of Electronic and Telecommunications Companies (AETIC) claimed the government is not informing the electronics industry over its plans in relation to payment on DTT.

Meanwhile, Jorge Del Corral, general secretary of commercial broadcasters’ association UTECA asked the government to give "as soon as possible" a complete mux to every broadcaster. He also asked that broadcasters have legal access to mobile TV frequencies and not reserve these for telephony operators.