Satellite Express MD1 began commercial operation

Released: 30.04.2009,

New small Russian telecommunication satellite Express MD1 launched on Thursday 29.4.2009 its regular operation. Despite the new satellite is distributed the first DVB-S multiplex with the Russian national programs. Most of them is coded.

The first packet to Express MD1 (80 ° E) is transmitted to the frequency of 3625 GHz right polarization, SR 33483, FEC 7 / 8, DVB-S. The packets are distributed programs Pervyj kanal (+6 h) and (+8 h) / CA Rosscrypt / Telekanal Rossija (+6 h) and (+8 h) BISS CA / free and Culture Telekanal (+7 h) and 4 FTA radio programs. The same packet is sent to the frequency of 3525 GHz, Col. R satellite Express AM2 at the same position, who stopped the spread. There was multiplex to move from one satellite to another.

Express MD1 partially addresses the problem of position 80 ° E, when the original satellite Express AM2 is not technically able to ensure smooth running. Express MD1 has only 8 transponders in C band and one in the L band. AM2 capacity in Ku band should take one of the satellites Eutelsatu - originally envisaged with Eutelsat W1. It is now considering other satellites - Eutelsat SESAT who now works at 36 ° E Eutelsat satellite delivery to W7.