New Dream 500 Evolution 2.2 Image

Dreambox 500/56x0/7000
Technical Infos:
CVS Version: 05.04 2009
Linux kernel version: 2.6.9
GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
Web Inteface 6.0.4-Expert
Busybox 1.01
BLUE - Blue Panel (Emu Addons)
YELLOW - plugins
GREEN - subservices
Blue Panel Info:
Start/Stop Emu
Green - News
Red - Sys Info
Blue - Addons
Yellow - Settings
Addons info:
Download Addons - Emus,keys,Plugins,Setting....
Manual Install Addons tar.bz2
Delite Addons
New in Evolution 2.2
Add Backup_Addons server
Add support for VLC 0.2.3
Add MMC/SD Support for ipbox200S (Thanks to tobe for his help)
Add start script for mmc/sd ipbox200S (by tobe)
Add swap script for mmc/sd ipbox200S (by tobe)
Fix Decode in osd info
Fix Inadyn now work 100%
Fix epg problem on DM images
Fix boot problem with Ipbox250 and 400
Removed disable epg caching this option is only on ipbox200S
download free-sat: