Viewers criticise Multichoice

At the beginning of April Multichoice put up its subscription prices – and viewers are not happy. There has yet to be any formal announcement as to the impact of the price rises, but anecdotal evidence locally is damning.

Local reports suggest that viewers are unhappy. The increases took effect on the first of April and were:

1. DStv premium sub upped from R468.99 to R499.00 (6%);
2. DStv Compact R199.00 to R219.99 (10%);
3. DStv Select R139.00 to R149.00 (7%);
4. PVR access fee R55.00 to R60.00 (8%);
5. DStv Indian from R227.75 to R237.00 (6.4%)
6. DSTv Portuguesa from R222.75 to R237.00 (6.4%);
7. Analogue viewing from R254.06 to R269.00 (5.8%).

According to Multichoice these increases came about as a result of increased annual operating costs. However, it seems many consumers felt that the price increases were not justified, especially in the current economic climate.

A MultiChoice source admitted customer response has not been positive: "There have been mixed reactions from our customers. However, like any commercial business which experiences an increase in operating costs, an annual price increase is necessary."

When questioned on the reasons behind the recent increases the source added that "as with most companies worldwide, operating costs increase on an annual basis. The subscription price adjustment is to accommodate these increases.”