Mediapro reiterates Gol TV plan

ñaki Ferreras

Mediapro's plans to get a pay DTT licence are serious. The producer's broadcaster laSexta recently asked Spain's government for a licence to broadcast in pay-DTT although the law allowing it has not yet been implemented.

Jaume Roures, Mediapro's CEO again declared the company's pay-TV channel Gol TV will be broadcasting on DTT at the end of August in order to cover the whole soccer season. Gol TV airs Mediapro's soccer rights of the Spanish soccer League and the Kings Cup League.

"Our main problem about this project is the society is not well informed about pay DTT yet," Roures declared. He also claimed the boxes necessary for pay DTT would soon be ready in the market. "But not everybody will need these boxes since there are already TV sets with PCMCIA's integrated which will be able to work on pay DTT signals," he said.

Mediapro has already started work on the future advertising promotional campaign to inform the people what pay DTT is and what Gol TV's offering will be.

Mediapro also said it would soon be the end of free-to-air Sunday soccer (at the end of the current season in five weeks) so the future model for this will be a free-to-air soccer match on Saturdays and of pay-TV on Sundays. Here Jaume Roures also advanced the offering of pay-TV soccer in the bars and in the cinema theatres as well as on the internet.

Roures also declared the private broadcasters mergers are necessary in Spain.

Mediapro had revenues of €940 million last year, something its CEO is happy about. Roures added he does not fear for the future of the company in the current climate.