Champions League hit for Sky Sports

Sky Sports 2 is celebrating the Champions League semi final clash between Arsenal and Man Utd, not for the result but for the 2.6 million viewers that the event brought in.

As with many sporting events the viewing figures fluctuated, with 2.5 million (12.8%) during the first half while the second half saw an increase to 2.8 million (12.8%), however the viewers peaked during the last fifteen minutes with 2.9 million (2.6%).

The whole programme, which lasted from 7pm to 10.15pm, managed to attract an impressive 1.8 million (9%) viewers, making it the channels most watched programme of the year so far.

Over the course of the programme Sky Sports 2 managed to bring in more viewers than BB2 and Five, and at one point managed to beat Channel Four for over an hour at 9pm.