May 1, 2009Satellite broadband launched

by David Allen

A satellite service has been launched that will provide a full broadband package to any home in the UK, no matter where it is located and there is no need for a phone line either.

The Eutelsat service can provide a broadband connection of 2 Mbps at the moment, but with a new satellite being launched, this service could be providing 10 Mbps as early as 2010.

This is a full broadband service offering both downstream and upstream.
Some satellite broadband services only provide a downstream, requiring the user to have a dial up phone line.

The cost of this service is currently 29.99 per month, but the problem is going to be the cost of installing the satellite dish and other equipment needed to receive the signal.
Once connected, though, other services such as TV and phone can also be subscribed to.