NDS nudging 90m active smart cards

By Julian Clover

NDS has announced an increase in third quarter revenues of 20% bringing in $213.3 million to the News Corp technology division. Nine-month revenues were up 25% to $633.1 million.

The company now has 86.9 million active digital TV smart cards, 83.1 million cumulative middleware clients deployed and 12.1 million cumulative personal video recorder clients deployed (NDS prefers the term DVR).
Revenue from conditional access increased by 21% in the three month period and 25% over the nine months. The rise comes ahead of the commencement of the recently announced CA contract with Germany’s Premiere. NDS is benefitting from an increase in subscriber numbers for its customers.

The same factor has also produced a rise in EPG royalties.
“This has been another good quarter for NDS. We are particularly pleased with our continuing progress on entering the German pay-TV market, said President and CEO Dr Abe Peled. “ We continue to invest in our business to support our customers and offer them the technologies and business solutions to allow them to remain competitive in the evolving media distribution landscape.”

One number of note is an increase in the cost of goods and services of up to 23%. Caused in part by increased royalties paid to third parties for the use of their technologies, though offset by lower smart card costs.