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Thread: Mbox Control Center V1.0 Beta 3.5

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    Mbox Control Center V1.0 Beta 3.5

    Mbox Control Center V1.0 Beta 3.5

    Just a proposal, to give newbies the info with the tools, so they can help with the project by giving good feedback properly... and help themselves in the process... plus have some fun...

    Please, feel free to correct and add stuff to it, like info about the NewCS server/card reader - as I do not have an OSC, so can't tell much about that...

    What is an Mbox Control Centre?

    Mbox Control Centre [MCC] is an Mbox "plugin", i.e. it is written in aid of Mbox Card Sharing Software, which will allow you to control, edit and monitor the work of Mbox, which you installed in your Satellite TV receiver [box]. It is written for Windows Operating System [OS].


    The minimal requirement for MCC to work under Windows OS is Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.
    Then, one can install the latest Mbox Control Centre. One can do it without uninstalling an older version, if one had MCC installed already. In fact, it's better not to uninstall it, as the new installation, done over the old one, will keep the old one's settings! So, the new version will just function, without one having to go through setting it all up, every time from scratch. And this is quite useful, as it takes a bit of time. I am about to describe all of the steps needed...


    Start MCC: in Settings tab choose a language and give the profile a name.

    Then, write the IP address of your Sat TV box, so your MCC [which you just installed to your PC] can make contact with Mbox installed in your Sat TV!

    One can check it in one's sat TV box usually by going to -> Settings -> Internet part, using your remote. In DBox2, for instance, it's the d-box button on your remote -> Setup -> Expert Setup -> Communication setup.

    Also, put in the path to your Mbox files, like mbox_module, keys, temporary files and mbox.cfg, as asked to. The path to them will differ from one box to another.

    For instance, in AZbox HD most files are in the same folder, so it's easier...Examples are in the MCC Settings and About tabs themselves! Here is what it looks like in AZbox HD setup, so it is easier to understand:

    Username: root
    Password: azbox [unless you changed it] (or dbox2 for DBox2 or whatever you might have...)
    Mbox Filename: Mbox
    IP address: [whatever it is in your setup]
    Path-Mbox: /EMU/OpenXCAS/MboxCAS/
    Path-Keys: /EMU/OpenXCAS/MboxCAS/
    Path-Temp: /tmp
    Path-Mbox.cfg: /EMU/OpenXCAS/MboxCAS/mbox.cfg

    You will be able to edit mbox.cfg, for instance, from within MCC itself, while Mbox is in operation, once you set it up properly. We shall come to that later.

    I have ticked the Passive FTP option. Save!

    Edit your mbox.cfg

    First, one must edit one's mbox.cfg file! In order to see the traffic between your box and other boxes on the net, as it is happening, one must write the following line in mbox.cfg file:

    Z: { 13 } { 8000 } - where xxx stands for your PC's IP address.

    Then, Mbox from your sat TV box will send the data to your PC. In the Trace tab of your MCC you will be able to see what is going on. We shall come back to it.

    You can check your PC's IP address in your Sys-Tray or Network -> show all -> etc. to Properties.

    Check that in your MCC, under tab "Trace" you have the same port, that is: 8000.

    For Mbox [this is only an example for AZbox HD this will differ in your receiver!]:

    K: { /EMU/OpenXCAS/MboxCAS/ }

    For other boxes it's mostly:

    K: { /var/keys/ }

    Leave the rest be! Make sure you always use the mbox.cfg that comes with the version of Mbox you are using, i.e. the one appropriate for your version of Mbox! Why? Some parameters might change, like B: { 0 0 0 } recently changed...

    A few functions explained

    Start Mbox on an encrypted channel. Then MCC. In the main Mbox tab click on Refresh. You should see some information regarding the encryption system [CAS], if you have done everything correctly and you have a connection between Mbox and MCC. Then, click on Reload, see if your peers are online. If all is well, you will see some of your peers in green colour [= online]. If it isn't happening and you did everything right reboot your receiver and restart Mbox.

    When you do have the connection, go to the Trace tab, click on Reload in the upper hand corner, then click on a drop-down Menu "Select Peer to Trace" at the bottom and choose a peer, then Start trace. You should see the traffic on the screen. Click on Reload again, if necessary, to see something like this:

    [13:33:23] Searching CW cache for CaID 0x1702, pid CW in cache
    [13:33:23] ->[DMX - 0] ECM (0x1742) send to ( C444 DC49 5195 3DD8 DF3E EA06 7036 8B02 )
    [13:33:23] <-CW (<-0) received from (xxxx NOT in list) (192 ms)
    [13:33:23] ===== Network ECM on CaID 0x1702, pid 0x1742 ====
    [13:33:23] prov: D57E
    [13:33:23] CW0: 29 97 F7 B7 CD 6B 9D D5
    [13:33:23] CW1: F6 1F 53 68 E0 A1 B1 32
    [13:33:23] =================================================
    Now you can C&P the log of your troubles to get help or to report back how Mbox is behaving under given conditions.

    Ignore/allow/prio files!

    Depending on the log one can then see which PID is [un]successful and that gives you a tool to make or edit your preference lists. You have 3 possibilities in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page, "Select/edit filename": ignore, allow or prio. After you choose it, click on Download. Now, if you had a file in Mbox folder of your receiver, you will be able to play with it and try to make your Mbox function more efficiently.

    One can add the data one wants to receive in allow.list.

    In the ignore.list it's the opposite - the stuff not to bother with.

    Mbox.prio should set priorities in multiple PID streaming cases, so Mbox searches for an answer from virtual cards in a specific order.

    That should speed up Mbox, if your box can handle multiple PID streaming.

    Other functions in MCC

    You can now edit other Mbox files, as mentioned above, like your mbox.cfg or cwshare.cfg from MCC interface. When you're done click on Upload.

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    Mbox Control Center V1.0 Beta 3.6b

    Mbox Control Center V1.0 Beta 3.6b

    - disabled the Chameleon2 buttons for older newcs
    - first try fix for "index out of range" in

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