'Hadopi' back in Parliament

Pascale Paoli Lebailly

French law project Internet et Creation, aimed at combating illegal downloads to protect creators’ and authors’ rights, and also called Hadopi, is back in Parliament. On April 9, the bill was rejected by Deputies, by 21 votes to 15.

The bill, if passed, would see users’ web access cut after two illicit downloads.

Started last Wednesday, the new discussions have occurred into a electric atmosphere as many Deputies, including the left-wing opposition, stand against what is judged as a repressive law project. Discussions will go on this week.

Consumers associations as well as some artists are also mobilized against this strongly controversial text. Subscribers whose access will be cut will still keep paying the monthly web-access fee.

If adopted, France would become the first country to choose to suspend web access in order to fight illicit downloads of movies or musics.

France’s law project is also facing hostility from the European Parliament which had largely voted an amendment against it last September. On April 21, this amendment was also adopted by European Deputies.