Cable making connections for Canal Digital

By Julian Clover | May 5, 2009

The number of DTH subscribers to Canal Digital fell by 17,000 on the quarter, only to be compensated by the arrival of 16,000 new subscribers to the operatorís cable platform.

The continued top performance of the Canal Digital Groupís cable division in the competitive Nordic market helped increase revenues by 9%. Increased EBITDA of NOK137m (Ä15.73m), compared to NOK124m in Q1 2008, was pushed back by NOK 27 million because of the swapout of cable decoders in the Norwegian market.

Operating profit increased by NOK10m to NOK220m.
At the end of the quarter there were 1,096,000 DTH subscribers, 739,000 cable subscribers, and 204,000 cable internet customers.