I upgraded my 4401 Evolution, embeded Viaccess, with the strong_SRT4401_Sharp0614_2M_XCAS_CS_060626.elz software.
The receiver has now the following data:
Model number: IT2K51SM
Firmware version : 01.06
Bootloader version: 01.06
The receiver is very unstable, it freezes very easy even when navigating in menus.
The DVB subtitles are not available.
When working, the receiver stops after a few minutes, it freezes and nothing helps but unplugging it from mains. Plugging the receiver again, it works a few minutes, freezes and so on...
Could somebody help me in this problem?
The receiver is a 4401 Evolution with embedded Viaccess.
If there is no possibility to fix it, where from could I get the original firmware? On the Strong site, there is just the loader,ITLINK339
Best regards and thanx in advance!