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    Question Newby question dreambox

    Dear Experience members

    Maybe it is a stupid question but I hope somebody knows the answer.
    I have a DM 7020 with hdd and usb and a DM500 without usb connection
    Is it at all possible to connect the DM500 to the usb or hdd connected tot the DM 7020. And how do I do that.

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    Re: Newby question dreambox

    you can not connect dm500 to hdd using USB, but yes you can mount dm7020 hdd to your dm500

    on DM7200:
    1 create folder (or you can use existing one)
    2 do not forget about folder permissions

    on dm500
    when going to mounts
    1 enter you dm7020 IP
    2 choose the right filesystem
    3 DIR put whatever folder you want to mount on your dm720
    and choose the local dir
    4 options R/W
    5 User (whatever you use for on dm7020)
    6 Pass (whatever you use for on dm7020)
    7 check automount
    8 press green button to mount

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