History HD grows in Asia
Rose Major

AETN International has added another operator for its History HD channel, launching the service via digital-satellite platform SkyLife in Korea.

Broadcasting entirely in Korean, History HD is also available in the country on KT’s IPTV platform, Mega TV. AETN also offers on-demand History HD programming on all three of Korea’s IPTV platforms – Mega TV, SK Broadband and LG’s myTV.

Also available in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan, History HD has expanded rapidly in Asia over the last six months as high definition services start to gain traction. Alan Hodges, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, AETN, said: “As a global leader in HD programming, we are delighted we can partner with platforms like SkyLife who are making HD content a strategic priority.”

Mong-ryong Lee, CEO and President, Skylife, said: “The global networks like HISTORY will definitely help us get a competitive edge in this market. Skylife now provides as many as 30 HD services, the most of any pay TV platforms in Korea.”