Eutelsat W2M is shifting to the west

Released: 05.05.2009, 20:19

French satellite operator Eutelsat shifting its telecommunications satellite Eutelsat W2M west. Satellites in the last few months has been parked at the position 10.1 st. east. At present, no information is available on the fate of the satellite.

Eutelsat W2M was not included in the fleet of satellites Eutelsat satellite anomalies of the reasons, then analyzed by engineers EADS Astrium and ISRO.

Eutelsat W2M was originally working at the position 16 ° E, where he was replaced by Eutelsat W2.

Eutelsat W2M Satellites hand was on the 20th December 2008 and successfully tested in orbit. During the transfer to the target position of harm to the satellite. W2M capacity to 32 transponders in Ku band and the orbit to serve up to 15 years.