TNK cards with paid channels for 6 months

Released: 05.05.2009, 14:57 TODAY!

The operator of the virtual platform TNK (TV card) marketed a new access card with a monthly income payable to six channels in the access cards for the price of 89 zlotys. A new series of cards began to TNK operator to supply the Polish market 4th May 2009.

New pre-paid cards TNK include six monthly income TNK offers a complete program that contains the station TVN, TVN 24, TVN Turbo, TVN Lingua, TVN Warszawa, nSport, TVN Style, TVN Meteo, TVN Siedem,, TVP1, TVP2 , TVP Info, TVP Sport, Disney Channel. After six monthly income pay-TV channels, the user can choose to pay the order. The lowest price is 10 zlotys a month for the subscription offer for one year.

If the user card TNK not interested in pay-TV channels will be permanently after six months (until 2016) to 5 channels - TVN, TVN7, TVP1, TVP2 and

New cards TNK for 89 zlotys are initially available at about 700 sales outlets throughout Poland.

TNK service started in October 2008 as the first allowed free access to selected programs and the possibility of unpaid subscription pay-TV programs without a conclusion. TNK broadcasts via satellite Hot Bird (13 E) in Conax and has over 200 thousand spectators.