Astra Deutschland launches digitalisation campaign

With the slogan “Analogue reception is a dead end road! Digital satellite reception is the freeway to the future!” Astra Deutschland will launch a nationwide digitalisation campaign in Germany on May 8.

The satellite operator will inform end users of the digital future of television on billboards and through radio commercials. The focus will be on regions with a high percentage of analogue TV households. With the move, which was announced in March, Astra wants to familiarise analogue viewers with the benefits of digital television and thereby push the digitalisation of Germany’s TV market.

Of the 38 million German TV households, 20 million (53%) have switched to digital. The digitalised share amongst Astra DTH households already stands at almost 70%. 11.2 million households in Germany currently receive digital television via Astra. The company hopes to convert the remaining five million analogue Astra households to digital with the campaign.