Eutelsat W2A to 10E, Intelsat 702 at 66E

Released: 07.05.2009, 13:15

The new telecommunications satellite Eutelsat W2A, which until recently has been tested on a temporary orbital position 1.7 st. east, is now parked on the target location 10 ° E. In the coming days, there seem to become operational and fully replace Eutelsat W1, which serves in this position since 2000.

Eutelsat W1 should be used according to the original reports on the position of 80 ° E for the damaged satellite Express AM2. All but suggests that the 80 ° E W1 nepřesune. Definitely should be clear in coming days.

The position of 10 ° E will serve the new Eutelsat W2A satellite, which brought rocket Proton Breeze on Friday 3rd April 2009. Satellite has a total of 46 transponders in Ku band, 10 in C band and one in the S band. To 34 transponders in the Ku band used to cover Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. 15 transponders in Ku can be used to cover South Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Another change occurred in satellite Intelsat 702nd It has shifted from a position of 54.8 ° E to 66 ° E, where he works alongside satellite Intelsat 704th Intelsat 702 satellite was delivered on the 17th June 1994 and has worked on the orbit 15 years. In April 1996 he worked at the position 1 ° W, and October 2000 to 177, in December 2002 to 176 ° E in January 2003 to 157 ° E and by April 2009, to 54.8 ° E.

Services 54.8 ° E Intelsat 702 take the Galaxy 26