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    Re: Echolink Firmware

    Hi, Moderator

    Please I need help my echolink receiver refused to boot after updating casdata. I tried updating the current software I receive a message upgrade error. The receiver is not booting. It soimply stopped at on. Pls I need help

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    Re: Echolink 3020 IR plus repair/flash

    Hi, All members of the forum
    Please kindly help me to enable my EL-3020 IR plus receiver to reboot or burn flash after upgrading. The problem started when I mistakingly upgrade Data fill and the casdata code disappear. However, the maincode still appear and accept software but after that the receiver will not burn flash or reboot. Please help me.

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    Re: Echolink Firmware

    Sent u reply but was deleted, did u get it ?

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    Re: Echolink Firmware

    [quote=adewale;384410]Sent u reply but was deleted, did u get it ?[/quote

    No I have not seen it.

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